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11:42am 03/03/2008
  All telephones use one of two different Hold music genres.  One is classical.  The other is, oddly enough, The Clash.  At least I get to hear a horribly low quality version of "London Burning" half the time...

Oh, the things you learn at your internships.

And welcome back, LJ.  Been a while, hasn't it?

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11:18am 19/08/2007
  Superbad = Super Amazing. I swear, I was tearing up from laughing so much. Not kidding.  

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01:05pm 29/06/2007
  Passed the Math Placement exam for Math140/CS110... I don't even have to take Calculus next summer semester, I can just jump right into Computer Science classes. w00t.
Taking Race & Ethnic Relations starting the 17th, and maybe a PoliSci course. Need to see what I need for PolSci courses to pull off a minor there as well. Probably just one or two more, seeing how I've taken 2 100 levels, 2 200 levels and at least 2 other 300 levels. Hell, that's more courses than I need for my CompSci minor right there.

Other than that, not much going on on this end of the tubes. You all?

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01:18am 06/06/2007
  So yeah. Been some time since I actually had anything to put.

I dunno, this thing is getting to be like that akward old friend that you feel the need to nod and wave at, but really don't want to make the effort to catch up with.

Life is boringly good. Cleo is going off to Hong Kong for two weeks, but I'll survive. Need to make plans to visit Nate sometime soon, (Week of the 18th, anyone?).

Yeah. That's about it.

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01:14pm 30/05/2007
  So, Bs in both Police and Society and Sociology of Law,
A-s in Acting and Comp Sci.  Booyah. 

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11:20pm 26/04/2007
  So my laptop doesn't seem to want to be able to run more than one program ata  time anymore.  The processor says it's running at 100% quite alot of the time...  This didn't use to happen...  Why must my lappy hate me?!  

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11:09am 16/03/2007
  Sorry Ben,  I gotta go with the RIAA as most evil.  They're shutting down internet radio, as well as sites like Pandora.  Pandora is an important music community site.  The piurpose of the site is to follow your choices of music, and works from those choices, be it an artist, song or album, and creates a station based off of that choice.  From there, it'll define songs with different qualities, so that if you did something like put They Might Be Giants in, you'd get other quirky rock bands.  Put in MC Frontalot, and it would work both the hiphop and geeky angles, etc. 


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11:20am 10/03/2007
  21?!  Me?  Naaaaaaaaawwww....  Way too immature for 21.  

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07:34pm 05/03/2007

So the Iron Giant is getting some much needed upgrades.  Debating whether to do a Motherboard/Processor combo first, or a nice Graphics card before going for the major jump.  Somewhere in there, I need to invest in a larger HD as well.


Anyone know of any cheap deals/suggestions?


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12:04pm 19/02/2007
  Yarrr, it's been a while.  Talk to you later.  Writing a paper, while watching Num3rs, all while goofing off and getting paid for it.  I love me them Prezzie Days.  

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Ooooh deary.   
08:38pm 05/02/2007

Spread the love.

99 Mooninites go by.
http://community.livejournal.com/b0st0n/4886454.html?nc=55&style=mine  Lyrics.

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04:53pm 01/02/2007
  Heh.  The guy that put up the Mooninites is an old high school friend of my brother. 

Arlington High:  Giving us Dane Cook and Mooninites.  You know you got a REAL quality education. 

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03:22am 12/12/2006
  Life is good. Except for school. That could get bumped forward another week, in my opinion. 1 paper due tomorrow that I still need to write 2 pages for, 2 papers on Wends, 2 tests on Wends, then 1 test the following Thurs. Then, I'm FREE.

Life will be good. Give me calls after Wends to hang out.

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09:45pm 27/11/2006

"Including just first-party software and accessory sales, Wii instantly has become a $190 million business in the Americas."

One Wii a second. Literally.

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PS3 Update   
11:05pm 19/11/2006
  When will supply catch up with demand?

Supply is a moving target, but demand is also a moving target. If nobody's interested, we'll catch up on the 18th. It could be as [b]late as spring[/b] before units sit on store shelves for more than a matter of seconds.

Oh come on, Sony. You're shipping a $600 console with shitty launch games, blatantly lying about how many you are going to release. Limited release, although a good idea when used sparingly, is NOT universally good. There has to actually be SOME supply for anyone to actually give a shit. You realize what will happen? People aren't going to wait in line, they're not going to sign up for pre-sell lists, they are NOT going to camp out overnight after release night.

Get your heads outta the sand, Sony. An average console for a rediculous price and a hassle and a half in order to access one. Fuck that, I'm gonna go get a Wii. Or wait for the price to drop into the sub-100s, as one Nintendo exec predicted. An innovative concept, decent supply runs, and cheap as hell in comparison being released abroad this Titanic of a release. Honestly, is Sony in cahoots with Nintendo, to drive all the people back to the company of my Childhood? I've owned a Nintendo, Super Nintendo and a N64.

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10:11am 17/11/2006
  I've been debating. What the fuck am I gonna do with a CrimJus major?

Working out my classes for the Spring, and I'm just realizing how close to the end I truely am. I've been also looking at different options that might help me along, like a CompSci certificate or something.

Oh, I won't be here for Thanksgiving. I'm going to my sister's wedding over the weekend, leaving Wends and won't be back until Sunday.

I'll leave you with a quote from our inspirational leader. "We'll succeed unless we quit"

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01:24pm 08/11/2006
  Deval won. Dems take the house, and possibly the Senate... still waiting on that one.

In other news, people still can't buy wine in grocery stores. Why? I don't freakin' know. All I know is it's stupid.

Cleo and I've been going out for over a month now... She's smart, funny and beautiful as hell. Why'd she end up with me?

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12:01pm 23/10/2006
  Note to self - Go to Keezars, pick up Black suit, Hat, and sunglasses. One white shirt, black shoes.

Elwood Blues for Halloween. Booyah.

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02:13am 23/10/2006
  Went to see MC Frontalot with Cleo and Ann, (Her roommate). He's SO freakin' white. It's just funny.

Cleo got me a signed copy of Nerdcore Rising, which I'm listening to right now. It's good. Very good.

*goes to download Optimus Rhyme*

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11:45pm 19/10/2006
  (23:44:43) tygrlily1211: you've snuggled me like a bound state in a delta well!

Just... Wow.

Nothing else is to be said.

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